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After school care

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”

Mark Twain

Our pedagogical work is based on the “open concept”. The children in our after-school care center are free to organize their afternoons according to their needs and interests. We also focus on social learning and acquiring conflict resolution strategies. Our most important goal in recreational education is the development of children into independent personalities.

The sponsor of our facility is the city of Leipzig.

The legal foundations of our work are, among others, the Saxon Law for the Promotion of Children in Day Care Facilities, the Saxon Education Plan – a guideline for pedagogical professionals as well as the SGB VIII (protection order in case of child endangerment).

Care hours

For school-age children up to the completion of the 4th grade, we offer reliable care before and after school. We currently care for 205 children.

After school careStartEnd
Early morning care06:0007:45
After school careAfter end of lessons16:00
Late care16:0017:00

Closing times of the day care center

19.05.2023Bridge day after Ascension Day
to be announcedpedagogical days
31.07.2023 – 11.08.2023Summer holiday closing time
27.12.2023 – 01.01.2024Christmas closing time


There are various offers at the school / after-school care where homework can be done.

Holiday care

From 02/13/2023-24/02/2023, the holiday care program will be held at our facility during the winter break. Once the vacations are scheduled, you will see the planned activities here (subject to change). You are welcome to download an application again.
to be announcedto be announcedto be announcedto be announcedto be announced
to be announcedto be announcedto be announcedto be announcedto be announced
  • Snow

    Registration winter holidays care

    Please return the completed registration form to the after-school care center by 01/20/2023.


Important documents

Regulations for the creation of a power of attorney

Proxies must be included in writing on a loose slip of paper. Please do not write proxies in your child’s homework notebook. Telephone arrangements are not legally possible.

Proxies by mail will only be accepted in extreme emergencies and only after telephone consultation.

  • Time

    Power of attorney – going home

    Enter what time your child is allowed to go home alone.


  • People

    Pickup authorization

    Fill in which persons are allowed to pick up your child.


Conclusion of an after-school care contract

If you would like to sign an after-school care contract, please make an appointment with the after-school care director at 0341-234187030 and fill out the form below (details for an after-school care contract).

  • Happy

    Details for an after-school care contract

    Fill out this information if you would like to sign an after-school care contract.


  • Library

    User regulation

    Here you can read the general conditions of the after-school care facility.


  • Warning

    Termination after school care contract

    Please fill out the cancellation form in time if you no longer want your child to attend the after-school care center



  • Frau Helm

    After school care manager by proxy


    +49 341 23 41 87030